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Glasgow-based press and communications consultant with over a decade of experience working in the architecture & built environment industries.

My clients and consultancy ranges from self-employed creatives, charities, campaigners and activist groups to emerging architecture practices, international studios and educational institutions. They work with me because I provide a tailored and honest approach that values their time and talent.


From 2020-23 I acted as Communications Coordinator for the Architects Climate Action Network and bring that same dedication and energy to promoting sustainable architecture and contributing to the cultural transformation needed in the profession towards climate, racial and social justice.

Since 2020 I've been offering introductory communications workshops in partnership with Rob Fiehn and Luke Neve, please see for more information and testimonials.

If you'd like to discuss any element of the above please do get in touch by phone, e-mail above or social media below.

Examples of recent project work:

The Nest Delve Architects © Fred Howarth 1.jpg
Roundhouse Works Reed Watts © Fred Howarth (14).jpg
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